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Default Geneious Server 1.1 Beta Now Available!

Geneious Server™ 1.1 Beta is now available and has several new algorithms as well as enhanced scheduling capabilities with the addition of Load Sharing Facility (LSF) from Platform Computing. Combined with the massive improvements to large-scale data handling in Geneious Pro™ 5.4, Geneious Server puts both powerful hardware and powerful software resources into the hands of any biologist.
Our vision for Geneious Server brings you the widest possible choice of algorithms and direct access to your institution's computing grid or cluster.

To implement Geneious Server at your institution, get in touch through our Sales Enquiry form or email

The improvements in Geneious Server 1.1 include:

LSF scheduling capabilities to grids and clusters
SOAP2 short read mapper
LastZ genome aligner
LastZ alignment viewer (see article below)
Server-side PAUP* for phylogenetic estimation
Tera-BLAST® (accelerated by TimeLogic)
DeCypherHMM™ (accelerated by TimeLogic)
DeCypherSW™ (accelerated by TimeLogic)

LASTZ: A Large-Scale Genome Alignment Tool
LASTZ is a fast and powerful alignment tool for the pairwise alignment of genomic DNA sequence. LASTZ was designed with large-scale genomic analysis in mind and can efficiently align chromosomal or genomic sequences millions of nucleotides in length. It identifies orthologous regions between genomic sequences on a massive scale using a methodology that ignores the coding-region bias. The lack of coding-region bias, and the relative speed and sensitivity of LASTZ even with chromosome-sized stretches of DNA, makes LASTZ ideal for identifying and analyzing orthologous regions of genomic DNA between species.

LASTZ has been used to compare the genomic evolution between the mouse and human genomes and identify evolutionarily conserved elements between vertebrate species, including the Tuatara: a reptile species endemic to New Zealand. LASTZ has also been used as a validation tool to protect against the erroneous creation of chimeric contigs during de novo assembly of repetitive genomes.
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