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Default Constant issues with the HiSeq 2500

We have had a HiSeq 2000/2500 since 2011 that breaks down quite frequently. This round of issues has been going on since around February. It started with no intensity on read 2 of high output runs and on read 1 of rapid runs. Thinking this might be a fluidics issue most of the iines wet swapped out. This seemed to fix the problem for about a month. Now I am experiencing the same thing and am getting tilt motor errors as well. I think Illumina thinks I am doing something intentionally because they sent an FAS this week to review wash procedures. Off the top of my head, I have had 2 hard drives, a monitor, the FC stage, countless solenoids, most of the lines and a chiller replaced and numerous adjustments to the optics, laser, and tilt motors. I am beginning to wonder if I am not cursed. I am just wondering if others have continuous issues with their HiSeqs? It sure would make me feel better knowing that I am not alone.
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I've had this experience, also with a very early upgraded 2000-->2500. Lots of small parts replacements...then the hard drives, then the RAM (!!), then the computer. Just had the FIRST trouble-free run on this machine since it was installed. Our other instruments (including one upgraded one) have been almost bulletproof right out of the crate.

Luckily we have a significant number of instruments so they don't blame us for techniques or sample prep.

This is a really difficult situation for everyone, I think Illumina needs to be better about it when the instrument is a lemon. The truth is even their largest customers don't have much leverage.

Stay strong. Illumina really does have the best service in the industry if that's any solace...
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I think people who don't run these machine underestimate how much downtime there can actually be on a single machine. If you want to run uninterrupted, you need at least two machines!
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