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Originally Posted by tlitman View Post
I have asked the Polonator team for information on the system, but they never cared to reply

So, we have tested SOLiD against Illumina for microRNA quantitation
Here is my conclusion:

1. Both systems apparently measure the amount of miRNAs quantitatively
2. The SOLiD system outputs 30M sequences per run (high density)
3. The Illumina system outputs 6M sequences per run (standard density)
4. The SOLiD system outputs a number of "isomiRs", which in our analysis are spurious reads due to "overfitting" to the reference genome
5. The Illumina data are easier to analyse (no "color-space" issue)

If ease of analysis is of importance, Illumina appears as the first choice.
If sequence output is of importance, SOLiD has the lead.


I'd say the price difference between this both systems is quite significant too. Perhaps that should be taken into consideration. Was told a particle size analyzer is needed as well, anyone to clarify that?
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The setup price is similar for both systems; today, SOLiD might even be less expensive due to an attempt to get into the HTS market. The estimated running cost per run is higher for SOLiD, unless you express it as cost per sequence, in which case, SOLiD appears as the more economical model, but again, taking the ease - end thus: the time and cost - of analysis into consideration, Illumina seems as the more preferred system.
BTW: No need for an extra particle size analyser.

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Default New Thread opened

All: A new thread (; "Updated Polonator ready for launch!") has been opened, since we are now accepting orders for the Polonator. My apologies to tlitman, who says he tried to contact me and didn't get a reply. I receive a number of email inquiries (my email is in the contact info on the web site, and had been under the impression that I had been successful in seeing that everone got a reply. I do occasionally find an inquiry in my Junk folder, but usually scan this before deleting the contents. I did have an issue with this forum in which I no longer got an automatic notification when someone posted. We were busy with a number of design changes to the Polonator, and I assumed that the thread had simply gone silent. I would encourage interested parties to use the new thread, and I just received a notification email, so that system is definitely working. I will do my best to reply to all questions there, as well as continue to respond to email inquiries.
Kevin McCarthy
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