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Originally Posted by NextGenSeq View Post
NuGEN has an FFPE RNA-Seq kit which works with much more degraded samples than you have.
Epicentre also sells one kit for that:
QuickExtract™ FFPE RNA Extraction Kit
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Default miRNA from exosomes bioanalyser

Hi, Has anyone worked on using exosomal RNA on bioanalyser? I have RNA extracted from the exosomes using trizol and bioanalyser was used to check the quality, I do have a good peak at approx.25nt .My question is in the gel pic I see for some samples a band about 200nt and some samples have a band at about 25nt. Also I have just one single peak at the mentioned size in the electropherogram. The ladder looks good. RIN numbers are very low ranging from 0 to 3. Because these are samples from exosomes things already might be chopped off or degraded so I am not bothered much about the RIN numbers. But what bothers me is that larger size band. Has anyone seen anything like this? Please any suggestion is welcome.
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If you used the bioanalyzer, please post the trace. Otherwise it is very difficult to assess your situation. You should also go into some detail as to the assay you are planning to undertake with these RNAs. Different assays will have different specifications for input material.

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Geneart - did you do any RNAseq with your samples? We have extracted some RNA and it is giving a RIN of 3. We plan to use RiboZero and then ScriptSeq but also wanted to use a portion for smallRNAseq. I have heard that qtPCR of house keeping genes is a better measure or sample quality than RIN (especially in our case, where we are not simply focusing on polyA+).

If anyone has any experience to share working with such low RIN samples it would be much appreciated
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It was relieving to find this forum. I just had my samples ran on Bioloanalizer and they look exactly as you have described (and how it is in the article posted): group of small peaks until reaching the 18S RNA peak and no peak for the 28S. Total RNA samples are from oysters, which are closely related to insects. So, I am assuming their RNA profiles should be very similar. Do you have any update info on this situation?
Any help would be much appreciated.
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Hello, I am new to RNA extraction. I am working with rumen (gut) samples. I used hot acidified phenol-chloroform assay for RNA extraction. Here is a gel attached. I am not sure what the peak at 35s represents. RIN values ranged between 3-5.Does these graphs represent degraded stuff or some contaminants.
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I don't think your attachment worked.
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bioanalyzer, mrna, rna, rna-seq

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