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james hadfield
Cambridge, UK
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Default Google maps update: 1442 instruments in 486 labs

Hi All,
Thanks to everyone for putting themselves on the Instrument Map. I spoke to several people at AGBT about the map and there is a lot of interest in finding out what our neighbors are doing. We're all a bit nosy after all!
The map was used in a recent Nature editorial.

Several companies are using the map now for reporting reasons and my conversations with Illumina and ABI suggest we are capturing about 2/3rds of the installs for both platforms. I have seen at least two grant submissions that reference the map but have not yet seen it reference in a paper (hint hint).

There are now almost 1500 instruments listed across almost 500 labs, an average of 3.0 per lab.
Please keep your facility up to date and encourage your friends to do the same.

Stats: There are 1442 total machines listed in the database situated in 486 centers, an average of 3.0 machines per centre.

Machines by platform
Name Number of Machines
Illumina GAIIx 644
Illumina HiSeq 270
Roche 454 231
Heliscope 11
Polonator 9
Pacific Bio 8
Ion Torrent 5

Number of sequencing machines by country
Name Number of machines
United States 647
China 182
United Kingdom 130
Canada 70
Germany 63
Australia 46
South Korea 26
Japan 26
Spain 23
France 23
Taiwan 21
Italy 18
Netherlands 17
Belgium 16
Singapore 15
Hong Kong 13
Switzerland 12
Sweden 12
Brazil 11
Russia 8
Malaysia 8
Austria 7
Mexico 6
Norway 6
India 5
Finland 5
Iceland 3
Denmark 3
Poland 3
Hungary 2
Ireland 2
Estonia 2
Saudi Arabia 2
South Africa 1
Turkey 1
New Zealand 1
Greece 1
Portugal 1
Israel 1
Czech Republic 1
Thailand 1
Argentina 1
Number of sequencing facilities by country
Name Number of facilities
United States 193
United Kingdom 39
Germany 27
France 22
Australia 20
Canada 15
Netherlands 13
Italy 13
Brazil 13
Spain 12
Taiwan 12
Switzerland 8
Japan 8
Sweden 7
Belgium 7
China 6
India 6
South Korea 5
Mexico 5
Denmark 4
Finland 4
Hong Kong 4
Malaysia 4
Austria 4
Russia 3
Ireland 3
Poland 3
Norway 3
Singapore 3
Hungary 2
Iceland 2
South Africa 2
Turkey 2
New Zealand 2
Estonia 2
Saudi Arabia 2
Greece 1
Portugal 1
Israel 1
Czech Republic 1
Thailand 1
Argentina 1
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Why is China mentioned twice in the Country List?
Once with 182 machines and second time with 6 machines.
Does the Second China mean Taiwan???
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Default Update the NGS map.

Dear James,

I would like to update the map with the machines we now have in our lab but i don't find the way to add a bookmark on the map and enter the information i want to add...

Is this map still "updatable"?

Thank you,


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Francisco Garcíia
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Hello from Mexico
I would like to show my students a map showing all the instruments of massive DNA sequencing in the world. Where I can find it? Thank you
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This map on James Hadfield's blog about NGS has a good map, I believe he updated it back in January.
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There are now almost 1500 instruments listed across almost 500 labs, an average of 3.0 per lab
Angular js Training in Chennai
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Megabox's bonanza previously hit $ 20 million of every 1998, wagering more than the resigned group had expected at Palace Station. They have a bonanza of $ 300 for $ 27.5 million. After a year, Caesars Palace Megabox paid $ 21 million for a $ 10 turn!
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