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Default Obtaining nucleotide gene sequence of bacteria using eutils

Hi All,

I'm trying to write a quick program to download a bunch of genes' dna from bacteria. I don't have ids for the genes, just their protein names (like lacz or what-have-you). So use esearch to look for say the lacz bacteria gene from the gene database:[filter]

then, I grab the first id in the list that is returned, and convert it from a gene id to a nucleotide using elink

Which gives back a list of different ids. Most of the ids (using efetch to get the sequence) generally give back the entire genomic sequence of the organism it was found in. *sometimes* one of the id's gives back the actual gene nucleotide data, but not always. For example the first two ids from the above elink result give whole genomic sequence:

The third id gives the gene sequence:

So, what gives? Is there a way to tell which ones are whole genome sequences, and which are gene sequences? Maybe an elink parameter?

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Try to download the sequences in GeneBank format and parse the descriptions.
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Well, that is a possibility. However, I would really like it if I didn't have any intermediary steps. What is frustrating is that if I do the same search, but then link to the *protein* database, I get the correct AA sequence almost every time. I'm not sure why I can do that for the protein sequence but not for the nucleotide. Really, I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.
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Note that NCBI has now released Entrez Direct, which has pipeable functionality for downloading via Entrez. There is likely a specific query that can be fed into Entrez direct for the bacterial genomes.
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