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Default "Max-Seq"

Intelligent Bio-Systems, Danaher Motion's Dover, and Azco BioTech have joined forces to launch the Max-Seq Genome Sequencer that uses a sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry from IBS and components of Dover's Polonator.

From marketing:
*uses two reusable eight-lane flow cells, with each lane producing up to 100 million reads
*35-base reads for a single lane takes less than a day, 55-base reads on two full flow cells take about 2.5 days.
*86% of reads up to 35 base pairs in length and 82% of reads up to 55 base pairs in length have a quality score of at least Q30.
*two types of library preparation and amplification kits, each for either fragment or paired-end libraries: bead-based library construction followed by emulsion PCR, and DNA nanoball library construction that involves rolling circle amplification.
*cost per run ranges between $1,200 and $2,500, depending on the type of library construction.

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Hey epistatic...while this is certainly post-worthy and you found the right forum (thanks!), typically we don't rip content (especially from our friends at In Sequence since they survive from subscribers and ad impressions).

I'm not in a position to check if this article is available free to users, but if you wouldn't mind editing out the majority of the content and linking to the article, that would be great.

Trying to be a good web-citizen here...
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Default Article


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genseq, did you read my previous post directed to epistatic?
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