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Default Ion Torrent: Hype cycle status “disillusionment”

Awesome blog post, with some great points on the hype.

Ion Torrent: Hype cycle status “disillusionment”

Another $M grant given to figure out how to send it to Mars and sequence?

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I don't know. My tendency is to despise all the manufacturers for their "junior" sequencer models as distractions from their main instrument systems. I think this is most telling in the case of Roche who, as pointed out in the linked blog post, has not released a major upgrade to the GS-FLX since Titanium more that 2 years ago. Yet they have released the 454Jr and are pimping it mercilessly.

That said, having a small sequencer in your lab that you control has its attractions. Depends on your view of "process" with respect to science. To me understanding the process by which an answer is arrived at is more than half the information about the answer. So to me, an "end-to-end" approach, where the scientist actually performs all the sample preps and assays themselves, should be more effective. Why? Because then that investigator is privy to all the limitations and strengths of they data -- because they were involved with generating it.

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100MB already so i guess that author can do his bacterial genomes now.

I can see this hitting GB by the end of the year.

People over predicted this machine, but it might settle into a nice niche soon enough.
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Originally Posted by snetmcom View Post
100MB already so i guess that author can do his bacterial genomes now.
That was announced when I blogged, but isn't available yet. Promised Q1.
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