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Default Trim Galore output issue

I have both RRBS and RNAseq datasets that I'm trying to filter for quality and trim adaptors using Trim Galore. When I run it on the RRBS fq files using the --RRBS option, the resulting fq output looks fine:

@HWI-ST330:336274FACXX:3:1101:13152:1997 1:N:0:CTTGTA
@HWI-ST330:336274FACXX:3:1101:14593:1999 1:N:0:CTTGTA
@HWI-ST330:336274FACXX:3:1101:18911:1998 1:N:0:CTTGTA

But when I run it on the RNAseq samples without the --RRBS option, there are additional spaces in the fastq output:

@DBRHHJN1:326:C233EACXX:1:1101:1305:1193 1:N:0:ATCACG


@DBRHHJN1:326:C233EACXX:1:1101:1287:1222 1:N:0:ATCACG


@DBRHHJN1:326:C233EACXX:1:1101:1252:1244 1:N:0:ATCACG

I've tried running it a few different ways, and discovered that I only get the output with added spaces when I don't use the --RRBS option. My question is how do I fix this issue? I don't want to use the --RRBS option with the RNAseq data, as it will remove an additional 2bp from the trimmed reads. Is there a way to prevent Trim Galore from adding these spaces? Or is there a way for me to remove the spaces from the output files? Thanks!
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The simplest way might be to use awk? (but will be slow)

awk '{if(length($0)>=1)print $0}' input.fq
something like that, I haven't tested the code though...
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This was a bug that had been introduced accidentally... If you get the latest version of Trim Galore it should be fine, sorry for the inconvenience caused. This is from the latest release notes:

10-09-13: Version 0.3.3 released

    Fixed a bug what was accidentally introduced which would add an additional empty line in single-end trimming mode
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