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From 23andme's blog, I learned that they recently switched from V3 chip to V4 chip and the SNP count will reduce from 967K to 602K. I suppose that helps them to lower the cost significantly with the expense of some accuracy and application of some future GWASes (which they probably care less now).
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Good article on the public's misunderstanding of genetic testing:

- Genohub
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Originally Posted by Genohub View Post
Good article on the public's misunderstanding of genetic testing:

- Genohub
I kept reading, but I didn't see any content in it. Other, than the article was attempting to correct some people about I'm not quite sure what, and shun the media for thinking that 23andMe was selling their data when they were only innocently selling aggregate data, and that the iTunes consent form protected this upright practice, and to maintain that selling aggregate genetic data was not in fact creepy, just like selling de-identified aggregate online iTunes tracking data to marketers is not also kind of creepy.

Here is an interesting article, that discusses the just not a little creepy angle.

Something I am now wondering about, since they are able to still provide ancestry services, are they able to sell aggregate medical data, as long as they aren't providing a medical service? Something smells fishy.

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23andme, fda

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