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Default Nextseq 2000 problems?


I run a small core facility and we recently traded in our Hiseq 2500 for a Nextseq 2000 and since receiving the instrument ~2 months ago it has been down more than it has been up. Illumina has replaced the compute engine twice, the internal dongle with software authentication keys (which arrived mismatched), and the monitor as well as troubleshooting multiple software and hardware issues that prevented us from starting runs, integrating with basespace for run perfomance monitoring, and performing secondary analysis. We are now experiencing multiple GPU errors leading to the instrument screen going black and non-responsive from an idle state and then hanging on bootup. Illumina seems mystified (but hasn't offered to replace the instrument) so at this point I'm wondering if other people are experiencing these issues? I would appreciate hearing other's experienced with the NExtseq 2000; good or bad! TIA!
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Sorry to hear about the problems you are having. This seems unusual. Since it is a brand new machine it will get fixed/replaced but you are losing time.

We just got first NS 2K (we have all other types) installed and hope to start using it next week. No red flags so far during installation/validation.

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Sorry to hear about the multiple repairs on this instrument. If it were my instrument, I'd already be fighting hard to have the entire unit replaced or at the very least have them provide a free loaner instrument for a few months.

We've been using our NextSeq 2k for about 5 months now, and haven't had any hardware or software failures.
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