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Default Register for the Geneious Server Public Beta Trial

For the last two months, Geneious Server™ has been in private beta testing with several research teams from around the world. On the 20th of September, the public beta version will be ready for four to six weeks of testing. We would love for you to give it a whirl and let us know what you think! Please see the registration details below.

Geneious Server delivers high-intensity computing capability for Next Generation Sequencing, Phylogenetics and Sequence Analysis. With Geneious Server, you can offload your resource-hungry jobs directly from Geneious Pro™ on your desktop to Geneious Server, dramatically and easily speeding up your research.

Geneious Pro™ is the interface that connects you to the power of Geneious Server. When you run a job and use an algorithm that is available on one of the Geneious Server modules you have installed, you will have the choice of running your job on your desktop or pushing it to Geneious Server for increased computational performance. When your job is finished, your results will be securely sent back to Geneious Pro on your desktop with a message telling you the run is complete. It’s that simple!

If you are the proud owner of a cluster environment, you will be able to use Geneious Server as the staging platform to easily schedule and run jobs directly from your desktop to your cluster. This gives your users the capability to leverage the computing power of your cluster and means that you can select where your jobs are to be run – locally on your dektop or laptop, on Geneious Server, or on your cluster – all driven from the Geneious Pro interface that you know and love. No confusing configs or command lines, just drop down menus right where you need them. Contact our support team to assist you in configuring your system to meet the specific needs of your environment.

Geneious Server offers a selection of three core modules featuring powerful, peer-reviewed and trusted algorithms:
  • NGS Module featuring Geneious Assembler™, Velvet, MAQ, Bowtie, BWA
  • Phylogenetics Module featuring Geneious Treebuilder™, MrBayes, PhyML
  • Sequence Analysis Module featuring ClustalW, MUSCLE, MAFFT, MAUVE
Full genome assembly can be performed with data generated by Illumina™, Roche 454 and SOLiD™ machines and future sequencing technologies.

If you are planning the budget for your future bioinformatics requirements, please don’t hesitate to request a quote from us today on our website. If you would like to review our specifications sheet which includes base pricing, simply email and we will send you the brief pdf document. When you are ready for a formal quote, just let us know!

Register now to participate in the Geneious Server Public Beta
Geneious Server 1.0 Beta is available for any institution with a suitable testing environment. A suitable environment for this trial is a dedicated 64-bit computer running Red Hat Enterprise Linux with a minimum configuration of 4 cores and 12 GB of RAM, or ideally 8 cores with 24 GB of RAM. Participating in the Geneious Server Public Beta will give you the chance to provide feedback and shape the development as we continue to add to its capabilities.

To register your interest and receive more information, please contact our Market Development Manager, Dr. Peter Meintjes (
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