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Default Help getting working on command line?

I want to use galaxy's fastq_filter tool on the command line.

Basically, I already know what the inputs are required by, but not sure how to generate two of them.

After you read the python and xml file, you learn that it is expecting us to run a line something like this:
Code: $input_file $fastq_filter_file $output_file $output_file.files_path '${input_file.extension[len( 'fastq' ):]}'
  • $input_file
  • $fastq_filter_file I don't know how to make this
  • $output_file
  • $output_file.files_path I don't know what this is or how to avoid it
  • ${input_file.extension[len( 'fastq' ):]} Seems to be type check input file type ? Not going to worry about this for now

The fastq_filter.ply is interesting. In it it has something like
def fastq_read_pass_filter( fastq_read ):
     def mean( score_list ):
         return float( sum( score_list ) ) / float( len( score_list ) )
     if len( fastq_read ) < $min_size:
         return False
     if $max_size > 0 and len( fastq_read ) > $max_size:
         return False
     num_deviates = $max_num_deviants
     qual_scores = fastq_read.get_decimal_quality_scores()
     for qual_score in qual_scores:
         if qual_score < $min_quality or ( $max_quality > 0 and qual_score > $max_quality ):
             if num_deviates == 0:
                 return False
                 num_deviates -= 1
 #if not $paired_end:
     qual_scores_split = [ qual_scores ]
     qual_scores_split = [ qual_scores[ 0:int( len( qual_scores ) / 2 ) ], qual_scores[ int( len( qual_scores ) / 2 ): ] ]
 #end if
 #for $fastq_filter in $fastq_filters:
     for split_scores in qual_scores_split:
         left_column_offset = $fastq_filter[ 'offset_type' ][ 'left_column_offset' ]
         right_column_offset = $fastq_filter[ 'offset_type' ][ 'right_column_offset' ]
 #if $fastq_filter[ 'offset_type' ]['base_offset_type'] == 'offsets_percent':
         left_column_offset = int( round( float( left_column_offset ) / 100.0 * float( len( split_scores ) ) ) )
         right_column_offset = int( round( float( right_column_offset ) / 100.0 * float( len( split_scores ) ) ) )
 #end if
         if right_column_offset > 0:
             split_scores = split_scores[ left_column_offset:-right_column_offset]
             split_scores = split_scores[ left_column_offset:]
         if split_scores: ##if a read doesn't have enough columns, it passes by default
             if not ( ${fastq_filter[ 'score_operation' ]}( split_scores ) $fastq_filter[ 'score_comparison' ] $fastq_filter[ 'score' ]  ):
                 return False
 #end for
     return True
Is that python? Is this how the xml turns user input into a filter script? I had someone suggest I use the galaxy api for this, but that might be just as much work to get set up as getting this script to run? I'm not opposed to it, but I want to the easy way out because this is the last galaxy tool I have to run in my analysis I think before I move on to other things.

Any help and assistance would be appreciated.

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The development repository is here:

Correction: The code you quoted is from the <configfile> XML snippet, it is a Python-like templating language called Cheetah.

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