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Default masking shorter than k-mer size

I've come across a situation using bbduk to mask the k-mers from one genome assembly in another where the resulting number of masked bases is some sequences is shorter than the k value.

I am running the command like this:
# version 37.something. in=mygenome.fa out=mygenome_masked.fa ref=ecoli.fasta k=15 
qkmask=X maskfullycovered=t maskmiddle=f
In mygenome_masked.fa (a multisequence fasta file), there are a sizable number of sequences with a total of 0 < bases_masked < k(=15). It seems strange to have 3 nucleotides masked when k=15, and I am wondering if anyone can point out what options I should be using to prevent this from happening
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Brian Bushnell
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That would be the "maskfullycovered" flag. That means only bases covered entirely by reference kmers will be masked.

For example, take this sequence you want to mask:

And this reference:

The ref kmers (ignoring reverse complement, at K=3) are CGT, GTT, and TTG. They line up like:
Every based is covered by 3 kmers, but only the first T is "fully covered" - covered by 3 ref kmers. So it's the only one masked. Whereas without "maskfullycovered", the entire CGTTG would be masked.

Incidentally, it depends on what your goal is, but normally I find K=15 to be very short for masking... typically I use K=31.
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