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Default Tophat: find junction spanning reads

Perhaps I missed something, but is there a straightforward way to extract reads which span an exon/exon junction (ie, spliced reads) from the accepted_hits.bam produced by Tophat? I thought I could filter to find reads that have an alignment distance (alignment start - alignment end) greater than the read length, but the .bam file only lists the start position. Looking at the .bam file and the SAM specification, I didn't find a flag that is set which I could filter on.

Am I missing something?

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You can use bamtools filter to find reads with an N in the CIGAR string.
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Thanks, that's just what I was looking for. Sorry for not looking more carefully at the specification -- I checked the FLAGs, but not the CIGAR string.
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Default Does not match?

Hmm, is it just me, or does the extracted reads (with N:s in the CIGAR) not match the junctions.bed in the tophat results? When i look at the positions from junctions.bed in the BAM file with IGV genome viewer, i cannot see the 400+ reads supposedly supporting that splice junction.

I have scrolled all the way down in IGV to see all the reads, but nowhere can i see anything that even remotely matches any of the junctions reported in the bed file.

Python code: Picks out all reads from chr4 that contains N:s (3 since it is a BAM file) in the CIGAR. Should be working just fine. Using pysam library.

# get all the reads from the specified chromosome
for read in bamFile.fetch("4"):
    # check if there is a splice junction in the read
    spliced ='\(3, \d+\)',str(read.cigar))

    if spliced:
        # write to outfile
Any ideas?

Best regards

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I don't quite follow your logic. If I read the spec correct, the cigar string should look like 15M230N19M (15 matched, 230 intron bp, 19 matched).
But your regexps matches '(3, 34)' for example.
I guess you could just check with 'in':
if 'N' in read.cigar: output.write(read)
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