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Default clogged HiSeq, help needed


Our HiSeq2000 is experiencing a lot of fluidic problem recently. We will lose a lane or 2 during the run due to a clogged pump or maybe air bubble?. The Illumina engineer doesn't seem to have a fix except for just flushing the system to remove the clog.

It is really hurting our throughput at this moment as most of the time there is only 1 working flowcell...

Any suggestion please?
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I lost a lane on my hiseq a month or so ago. Needed one of the valves on top of the syringes replaced.

Depending on how adventurous you are you can take the face plate off the syringe bay (a single screw behind the reagent chiller door and it slides right out) and swap the inputs of two different syringes. That'd let you know if it's those valves or not at least. I troublshot a GA2x that way, the engineer said it saved him time since he already knew what he had to replace.
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This has been happening to us a lot, and there's only so much a user can do. Keep up-to-date with maintenance washes, and do extra water washes if it's not in use for a period of time.
We've had 2 separate machines independently get a brown precipitate in their fluidics systems that have clogged them up. We have no idea if it's coming from outside or inside the system, but if someone else has had it, please post! That way we'd at least have a better idea if it was Illumina reagents/chem/hardware or from our specific lab.
We've reached the point that if there's any indication of a clog, we attempt a little trouble shooting with gaskets, seal and water flushes, then tell our FSE.
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We had serverall issuses of cloggage since we got our HiSeq.
Ask your FSE for a adapter to de-clog yourself, which works by opening the front panel, connecting the correct lanes tubing to a syringe and flush it with water manually. Be paranoid about what you use for washing the HiSeq. Make sure there is no debris in water or in the sodium hydroxide.
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