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File format BAM
Data type alignment
Used by ABySS, Velvet, SAMtools, FastQC, SeqMonk, Newbler, BamTools, SeqMan NGen, CLCbio Genomics Workbench, Pindel, BEDTools, Freebayes, STADEN, DNAA, TMAP, MOSAIK, IGV, Avadis NGS, BAMseek, SeqMINER, Chipster, Dindel, Ngs backbone, Breakway, MACS, MagicViewer, FREEC, SeqSolve, GASV, Tablet, Savant Genome Browser, GAMES, BamView, Bcbio-nextgen, Genomatix Mining Station (GMS), Stampy, CopySeq, SAMStat, BayesPeak, RTG Investigator, ChIP-Seq (application), Syzygy, PALMapper, Atlas Suite, CLEVER, CNANorm, Ngs-pipeline, VarScan, Integrated Genome Browser, HeliSphere … further results

Full text description

This is a binary form of the SAM format, taking about a quarter of the space. See also SAMtools.



none specified

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