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Application data

Created by Knudsen T, Knudsen B
Biological application domain(s) Genomics, Whole genome resequencing, Sequence assembly (de novo assembly), SNP detection, Indel detection, ChIP-seq, RNA-Seq, Regulatory RNA, Transcriptomics, Mapping
Principal bioinformatics method(s) Read mapping, Sequence assembly, Sequence alignment, Ab-initio gene prediction, Adapter removal, Annotation, Bisulfite mapping, SNP calling, Sequence assembly (de-novo assembly), Heat map generation, Sequence assembly validation
Technology 454, Illumina, ABI SOLiD, Helicos, Sanger, Ion Torrent
Created at
Maintained? Yes
Input format(s) FASTA, FASTQ, GenBank, SAM, BAM, Illumina Bustard, ELAND, CSFASTA/CSQUAL (ABI SOLiD)
Output format(s) FASTA, FASTQ, GFF, GenBank, SAM, BAM, ACE, Nexus, CSV, PDF, XLS
Software features Advanced and user-friendly analyses of genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenomic NGS data in a graphical user-interface. Wizard driven tools and a freely available developer toolkit, SIMD implementation, multi-threading, hybrid assembly, Integrated solution
Programming language(s) Java, C++
Software libraries OPEN CLC API for plug in development
Licence Commercial
Operating system(s) Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Summary: De novo and reference assembly SNP and small indel detection and annotation.

Server/enterprise options for scalability of computation and storage.

Package includes many more common-place bioinformatics tools such as BLAST and Clustal alignments as well.



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