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Application data

Created by Marc Friedländer and Nikolaus Rajewsky Systems Biology group
Biological application domain(s) Regulatory RNA
Technology Illumina, 454
Created at Max Delbrück Center, Berlin-Buch
Maintained? Yes
Programming language(s) Perl

Summary: Discovering known and novel miRNAs from deep sequencing data

The miRDeep package was developed to discover active known or novel miRNAs from deep sequencing data (Solexa/Illumina, 454, ...). The package consists of everything you need to analyze your own deep sequencing data after removal of ligation adapters: a number of scripts to preprocess the mapped data, and the core miRDeep algorithm that will analyze and score these data.

The package is freely available for non-commercial purposes. For commercial purposes, please contact them.



  1. Friedländer MR, Chen W, Adamidi C, Maaskola J, Einspanier R, Knespel S, Rajewsky N.. 2008. Nature Biotechnology

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