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Application data

Created by Sébastien Boisvert, François Laviolette & Jacques Corbeil.
Biological application domain(s) De-novo assembly
Principal bioinformatics method(s) Assembly
Technology Illumina, 454
Created at Université Laval, Québec, Canada
Maintained? Yes
Input format(s) paired, paired interleaved, single reads: .fasta .fasta.gz .fasta.bz2 .fastq .fastq.gz .fastq.bz2 .sff
Output format(s) .fasta, .txt
Software features * MPI 2.2 * ISO/IEC C++ 2003 * de Bruijn * paralleled * Illumina data
Programming language(s) C++
Licence GPL
Operating system(s) Linux, POSIX

Summary: de novo genome assembly is now a challenge because of the overwhelming amount of data produced by sequencers. Ray assembles reads obtained with new sequencing technologies (Illumina, 454, SOLiD) using MPI 2.2 -- a message passing inferface standard.

Parallel de novo genome assemblies of next-gen sequencing data



  1. Sébastien Boisvert, François Laviolette, Jacques Corbeil.. 2010. Journal of Computational Biology

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