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SEQwiki is a wiki database of software tools for NGS sequence analysis, and other cool stuff. Read more...

Software Hub 
The place to add, edit or browse the software database on SEQwiki.
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Service Providers 
Browse or edit the list of NGS service facilities.
Minimum Information about a high-throughput Sequencing Experiment
How-to Hub 
Mini reviews for the most used tools broken down by common tasks.
Most popular tools:
App. Cited Refs. Altmetric
Phred 4,199 2 0
Bowtie 4,174 2 0
BWA 3,654 1 0
SAMtools 3,218 2 0
Velvet 2,484 2 0
BLAT 2,319 1 0
ERANGE 2,289 1 0
TopHat 2,012 2 0
Cufflinks 1,684 1 0
EdgeR 1,590 5 0
… further results
Newest tools:
App. Auth. Hits
BarraCUDA Wlangdon 1,508
SSA Dan 713
MochiView Dan 2,213
MICSA Dan 849
GimmeMotifs Dan 1,613
ChIPMunk Dan 2,887
Strelka Lethalfang 562
RUbioSeq Gonvader 449
Mutascope Shawn yost 425
… further results
Developers Hub 
The place to discuss the development of the SEQwiki site and its associated data.
Publication about SEQwiki and selected citations.
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