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Most popular tools:
App. Cited Refs. Altmetric
Phred 4,199 2 0
Bowtie 4,174 2 0
BWA 3,654 1 0
SAMtools 3,218 2 0
Velvet 2,484 2 0
BLAT 2,319 1 0
ERANGE 2,289 1 0
TopHat 2,012 2 0
Cufflinks 1,684 1 0
EdgeR 1,590 5 0
… further results
Newest tools:
App. Auth. Hits
Flexbar Lpantano 2,722
Genome Trax Dan 3,030
VariationHunter LuisPedroCoelho 6,291
DNA Baser Dan 3,582
Sibelia Vyahhi 1,269
QuadGT LuisPedroCoelho 539
NovelSeq LuisPedroCoelho 2,607
NGSUtils Lpantano 1,047
Geneious Lpantano 10,567
… further results

Welcome to the SEQanswers wiki!

The forum works great for discussions, but not for collaborative editing of resources, hence SEQanswers wiki (SEQwiki).

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Minimum Information about a high-throughput Sequencing Experiment
Software Hub ( IMPORTANT:How to add/edit tools
The place to add to, edit or browse the software database on SEQwiki.
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Service Providers 
Browse or edit the list of NGS service facilities.
How-to Hub 
Mini reviews for the most used tools broken down by common tasks.

Developers Hub 
The place to discuss the development of the SEQwiki site and its associated data. See also publishing SEQ*.
Publication about SEQwiki and selected citations.
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