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Application data

Created by Ilya Minkin, Nikolay Vyahhi, Son Pham
Biological application domain(s) Genomics
Principal bioinformatics method(s) Variant calling
Created at Academic University, Russia
Maintained? Yes
Input format(s) FASTA
Programming language(s) C++
Licence GPL

Summary: Sibelia: A comparative genomic tool: It assists biologists in analysing the genomic variations that correlate with pathogens, or the genomic changes that help microorganisms adapt in different environments. Sibelia will also be helpful for the evolutionary and genome rearrangement studies for multiple strains of microorganisms.


Sibelia is useful in finding:

  • shared regions,
  • regions that present in one group of genomes but not in others,
  • rearrangements that transform one genome to other genomes.

In version 2, Sibelia works with multiple strains of bacteria and partitions their genomes into synteny blocks — blocks of highly conserved regions among all compared genomes. It represents genomes in circos pictures [for publication] or interactive forms [for experts’ analysis].



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