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Minimum Information about a high-throughput SeQuencing Experiment (MINSEQE)

  • Ultrahigh-throughput sequencing (UHTS) will likely replace microarrays for many assays including profiling of gene expression, epigenetic phenomena, and gene copy number variation.
  • The fundamental information that must be communicated about an UHTS experiment is similar to the Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment (MIAME)guidelines.
  • To address this problem the MGED Society developed guidelines for Minimum Information about a high-throughput SeQuencing Experiment (MINSEQE) See below for links to the current version.
  • ArrayExpress and GEO are accepting UHTS-based data and are finalizing the details of MINSEQE compliance.
  • We urge that scientific journals adopt and support MINSEQE to preserve MIAME-enabled achievements in this new age of advancing UHTS.

The current specification of MINSEQE--released June 2012: v.1.0

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