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Dear Brian Bushnell

Thank you for your valuable response and tool, your tools reduced my 80% of time

I have few more doubts, Please write your suggestion

If the libraries are from the different platform such as (HiSeq, Miseq and NextSeq) or different insert size such as (2k 4k 8k ....)

which is the best method to normalize?

1) Pool together and perform normalization or Sequencing Platform dependent normalization?

Another issue if i perform pre-processing the read length will vary according to sequencing artifacts.

2) So, before/after pre-processing is better for normalization?

3) If i want to use only 40X from 120X from the given genome (estimated size : 1.2GB) the normalized data should be <=(40*1.2GB) or the BNORM will give more than that?

3) Can i used for RNA-Seq libraries before perform Denovo assembly? will it affect the isoform detection or chance to miss transcripts ?

Thank you
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